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Flashing Strobes, LED and Beacons

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Flashing Strobe Lights, Warning Amber Lights, Beacons, Emergency vehicle Light Bars and LED Lights are used in many applications. Indeed, there are many types of lights and beacons for emergency, service and Transport vehicles and equipment. Also, All earthmoving machinery normally run flashing lights, be it a revolving light or LED flashing light beacon. Additionally, Gantry cranes, Lifts, Conveyors and other such machinery need beacons. Of course, these particular beacons usually are strobe lights.

Types of Flashing Lights
  • Magnetic Warning Beacon – Halogen revolving
  • Fixed Warning Beacon – Halogen revolving
  • Magnetic LED Flashing Beacon
  • Fixed LED Flashing Beacon Light
  • Strobe lights
  • Battery Operated portable Flashing Lights
  • Pole Mounted Amber flashing light with base
  • Importantly, most Flashing lights, Emergency Light LED bars and beacons are available in magnetic. Also, there are battery operated lights.